Heidi + Rook's Intimate Elopement

Elopements are always special because of their sheer intimacy. The locations, the simplicity of the decor, the number of guests, even the atmosphere of the wedding party as they prepare for the ceremony when I arrive is just more intimate. When I arrived at the incredible cabin (if you can call the 8500 sqft ranch home a cabin lol) they rented out for their family and friends as well as the wedding venue, I was immediately struck by the hush and peace of everyone around me even though they all seemed to be buzzing around performing last minute jobs. I quickly found my bride, Heidi, in the master bedroom and took a moment to get some detail shots before she got dressed.

Her groom, Rook, was tucked away in a smaller room when I knocked softly to see if he was ready to be photographed before the ceremony. He was surrounded by his closest family members and we chatted a bit about how his Mother felt and what i might feel like someday when my own son was grown and walking down the aisle to his bride. So bittersweet!

Heidi shimmied into her dress, all lace and buttons curls, and hugged her sister and Mom before her Dad came in to see her for the first time. With tears in his eyes he presented her with a beautiful rosary that belonged to her grandmother.

The ceremony was short and sweet, surrounded by their closest friends and family with sunlight streaming in through the high windows of the house. The nuptials concluded with Heidi and Rook’s kiss and a hug with their entire family that included their son. This led us straight into their first dance as onlookers gazed lovingly at the happy couple.

Congratulations Heidi & Rook!