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Hi! My name is Lauren and I am a wife and mother living and loving in Salt Lake City, UT! My photography style is timeless yet unique, documenting weddings, pregnancies, births, and family love in a genuine and authentic way. I tend to shy away from the usual "studio" posed shots because I love to get outside, rain or shine, so that we can let the natural elements contribute something magical to your portraits. Living in Utah provides the best backdrops for this too! From scorching desert to lush forest, snowy mountain to dry valley, there are so many opportunities to capture something truly amazing and priceless!

I want to sit down with you: discuss your preferences, your likes, your dislikes. Let me buy you coffee, soda, or an ice cream and let's just chat. I don't want to be just another professional you hire for your big day, whether wedding, anniversary, birth... I want to be your friend, someone you can feel comfortable getting a little silly with, someone you want to add on Facebook. Portraits, for whatever occasion, are something that lasts forever and I want to make those memories meaningful.