Trisity + Tim Say 'I Do'

When I first met Trisity one afternoon at a Starbucks for coffee and to discuss wedding details, I immediately felt giddy with excitement for her. She exuded this energy of amorous joy that can only be attributed to people who are truly in love. I was so excited when she and Tim decided to hire me as their wedding photographer because not only are they great looking people, but even though I hadn't met Tim until the wedding day, I just knew these two were soulmates. You could see it written all over Trisity's face every time she said her fiance's name. 


The day of their wedding, I arrived at The Falls Event Center to see Trisity and her bridesmaids hanging out together in the Bridal room while Trisity finished getting her makeup done. Trisity was beyond gorgeous even in tights and a robe, and I immediately felt welcomed into their group of girls which says a lot about their character. We joked a bit to break the ice and a few sarcastic comments later, it was like we'd known each other all along.  

The groom and his groomsmen were no different, Tim being beyond inviting and truly a gentleman the entire evening. His groomsmen were hilarious together and it was so obvious these guys loved one another and had clearly been through a lot together as friends. 

Tim had elected not to see Trisity before she walked down the aisle, so there was this air of excitement to their ceremony that not every bride can claim. I was so glad though, because the look on his face, the tears that seemed to suddenly spring to his eyes when his beautiful bride was ushered out, the way his smile never seemed to leave his face the entire time spoke volumes. It was truly like he couldn't believe his luck, and I mean seriously... she was a smoke show y'all. 

After the ceremony, the bridal party shouted and high fived and we were ready for some portraits! We left the event center and walked to the mall across from us to find a fun back drop and I think everyone had fun being watched by onlookers at the mall. I seriously love being part of a wedding full of people who know how to have a good time, and these guys legit know how to have a good time. We laughed the entire time taking portraits! 

Now it was time for a few toasts! The Bride's mother and father, the Best Man, the bride's brother, the Maid of Honor, a letter from the Groom's father, all had the most inspiring and tear jerking testimonials about the couple and I swear there wasn't a dry eye in the place after it all. We even gathered everyone together for a huge group portrait at the end of it all and I saw my life flash before my eyes as I climbed on a table to take that particular photo, LOL. 


With everything serious out of the way, it was party time. Trisity and Tim first took to the dance floor for their first dance, then with their father and mother.

They eventually filtered around the room, hugging necks, shaking hands, speaking and loving on guests who had come to witness their union, while DJ Little Bro manned the music station. It wasn't long before the couple and their entire bridal party were out in the middle of the dance floor so they could showcase their awesome dance skills, haha. 

Originally, both Trisity and Tim wanted to leave by 9:45, but when ten til that time came, they just weren't ready to stop having fun with all of their family and friends. So I suggested a 'fake leave' to capture their sparkler exit and boy did they not disappoint. 

I am so honored I was chosen to capture this magical and FUN day for these two people who obviously adore one another so much. I love my job so much because I get to capture real live love stories and Trisity and Tim's story is definitely one for the books! Congratulations "y'all", and best wishes!