Nikki + Jesse Get Hitched!

It's not every day you see a real life fairy tale wedding, and it's even more rare to be asked to photograph one. Nikki and Jesse's love story isn't traditional and it isn't without its fair share of heartache and disappointment before they met, but it sure is extraordinary how two people can come together despite their pasts, and join not only their lives, but their children's lives together into one amazing family. 


Sunday, October 1st dawned sunny and soulful. Mississippi October's are something special. Somewhere between stifling humidity and gorgeous golden sunrises and sunsets, those autumns bring back so many memories and I was so excited to be able to travel back to my home state to photograph this amazing union.

Despite the heat of the day, warm sunlight filtered through the windows between lace curtains and stained glass at the venue (a friend's home which is beyond gorgeous in every way possible!) Nikki wore a custom wedding gown by Woo Couture that literally made my jaw drop. 

Is this bride gorgeous or what?! I swear I couldn't take a bad photo of this girl. 

And Jesse was dapper as always, calm and collected in his suit, keeping the kids corralled and reading over his vows for the ceremony. He's one of those guys who can make you feel like you've known him for a long time. Super cool, but also comfortable to be around. I knew Nikki made the right choice!



Their kids, two each, were just as beautiful and handsome as their parents and we only had to take a few snaps each which is practically unheard of for kids!

Finally, it was time for the ceremony. Jesse and the boys walked down front, waiting patiently for the Layla and Levi to walk the aisle, then of course his beautiful bride. They glowed seeing one another in this new light. 

The ceremony was short and sweet, but no less touching. They each read their own vows to one another and even opted out of the traditional candle lighting for something a bit different that could be done with their kids too. 


Finally! Man and wife!

Afterward, we went straight into family portraits and some bride and groom shots. I love how easy going this couple is. They laughed with their children and we even brought in some mimosas for the bride and groom portraits! 

Gathered together with their closest friends and family members, it was clear to see that not only did they love one another, there were so many other people who loved them as well. But watching them watch one another amidst all the people, and seeing that big grin on Nikki's face were truly the highlights of the entire day. 

I wish you guys a lifetime of happiness in your marriage, and I hope when you look back on these photos you can relive this unbelievable day for years and years to come. Cheers!